A Girl’s Guide to Feeling Special



Tell her that she looks stunning


Contrary to popular assumption, a girl may not necessarily appreciate being called attractive or sexy. Despite the fact that she appreciates the comment, she would much rather have her man find her attractive. Therefore, it would be better for your relationship if you used words like “lovely,” “beautiful,” and “pretty” to describe her. When she hears you complimenting her beauty, she will undoubtedly be pleased. The relation will be good if you can make her feel special by your deeds.

Show your affection


When a man makes an effort for a woman, she loves it. Kiss her forehead and cheek while holding her and encircling your waist with your hand. She will be delighted by these small acts of devotion, and she will become addicted to you.

Be important to her


If you give her the impression that she matters, she will feel very special and content. Include her in your life, talk to her whether you are at a party or out with friends, hold her hand, and ask her advice when you are making significant decisions. These actions demonstrate to her your dedication to the connection and to her.

Keep in mind what she says


The fact that their spouses or girlfriends don’t listen to them or don’t recall what they’ve said about certain subjects, etc., is a common complaint among women. Please try to stay out of the “never listens, never remembers” group. Listening (and not just hearing) to what she has to say cannot possibly be harmful to your ears, right?

Fight for her!


Whether she is correct or incorrect, you must defend her in front of others. She’ll know how much you care if you stand by her throughout a disagreement with a third party. The way you support her through adversity says a lot about how much you value her and what she means to you.

She won’t abandon you if you don’t let her down. It all comes down to showing a girl you care about her, watching out for her, and being there for her. It has very little to do with money, expensive meals, or expensive clothing.

Treat her with deference


There is nothing better than a formal, vintage gesture. Simple gestures like moving her chair out, holding the door open for her, or occasionally treating her will undoubtedly make her feel special. This demonstrates to a woman that you have good manners and are aware of how a woman should be treated. She’ll appreciate the added effort.

Sit close to her


Without even speaking, we often communicate a lot. A lady will unconsciously catch up on your non-verbal hints even if she is unaware of this. So, if you really want to make a girl feel special, use your body to express your interest in her.

You could decide to sit next to her instead of across from her if you’re at a restaurant. She’ll feel cherished and safe as a result of this. Like you simply can’t get enough of being in her presence and want to go as near to her as you can without seeming weird.

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