The Step-by-Step Guide to Company Registration in Pakistan

Clevver GmbH cooperates with various lawyers and tax advisors who provide the necessary individual legal advice. Forming a company in a foreign jurisdiction is never a simple matter. Obligations, procedures, timelines, languages and costs all vary widely from country to country, and sometimes between cities and provinces. This is the first step of company registration in Pakistan is choosing the company’s name. 會計公司 is important to devise a unique company name that would set you apart from the rest in the industry. The standard time of incorporation is four weeks and also make sure that the registered address of the company will be in Pakistan.

Company Formation

At NSKT Global our topmost priority is the data of our clients. We secure the client’s data with utmost priority so that they can completely trust us and refer us to their near ones for our services. As a non-resident looking to set up a US company, you have even more steps to go through than a US resident, and more downside if you make a mistake. For example, there are more income tax issues for non-residents who want to take their income out of the US. Obtaining an appropriate US work visa and opening a bank account are also problems. In short, you not only have to create a workable business model, but further have to make it work within the US tax, legal and economic framework.

How to start with company registration in Pakistan?

Except great banking services provided by world top banks, clients can use more than 64 double taxation agreements that Serbia has signed. Client can easily become Serbian resident and since Serbia is planning to join EU In the following years, this residence will become EU residence with Schengen access. The company is created only at your specific instruction.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Company Registration in Pakistan

DIFC offers flexible corporate vehicles within a common law framework that is attractive to startups and investors. An attractive option for MENA-based startups with a fast, flexible, and low-cost holding company in a common law jurisdiction. Join thousands of founders from more than 140 countries who have formed their companies using Stripe Atlas, with a best-in-class legal structure that’s built for scale. Stripe Atlas companies have raised more than $2 billion in funding.

How many NEW WORKERS, non-residents, who want to obtain active residence permit can be employed in a company?

We can support you with our wide range of expert services. Each of our shelf companies is certified to have not been trading and having the ability to trade in virtually any business area. The latest news, articles, and resources, sent to your inbox weekly. A liaison office can only function according to the provisions of the contract or the assignment. The permit can be valid for 1 to 5 years if it has an approval from the Board of Investment . However, a branch office cannot take part in any commercial or trading activities of whatever nature.

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